Entry 001. Clash

The clash of the three. I was aware that such matter were boiling beneath the surface but, I could not avoid it either. My trip to that place began...


The tension between the Houmonka and Yakuza was too strong, seeking power from the Triads wasn't an easy task. The Houmonka was not despised by the Triads... I was (or so I thought).
I had left my share of the business unfinished...
I could not face them

Is it because is was the land of my Ancestors?
Or was it my duty.. my pride?

This is a better place for me.

I would like.. some Sake

Entry 21. A wonder

A new assignment has been posted. I look forward to seeing certain people perform, however, a trip to the beach is hardly the place to observe great disciplines as fighting. Perhaps, the actions of these people will differ during this time? I shall observe any changes during this time.

I am amazed at how certain people are ... weaker with alcoholic beverages than others. It is almost interesting.

Entry 20. Levels

There are many levels. Trials which one has to conquer in order to become stronger. My brief absence presented me with a wonderful trial. Mental training. I do believe that such training has allowed my mind to return to its... previous state.

With my training completed, I am currently involved with two missions. The result has not changed since my last entry but, patience is vital. Both my sensei and troops have helped me through this mission, I will continue to produce great efforts.

It is a new trial.

Entry 19.

Since the assignment has ended, I am still occupied with various... tasks. Unfortunately, it seems that those tasks will take some time to be completed and waiting is the only thing that can be done. I am not fond of such situations but, I shall bear with it.
On another note, I am very pleased with a certain result. The only thing needed is an answer, which I am patiently waiting for.
I do hope that the results will be pleasing.
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Entry 17. Assignment 007 - 009

It appears that we have arrived at the camp site. The students seem to be in high spirits, an expected reaction. I too, am keen on this assignment. Yamamoto-sensei has made a wise decision. According to the grouping, Kuchiki Rukia is my assigned partner.It is ironic, actually....

This may be a time for me to have a change of plans. Rather, I hope that both Rangiku and Rukia will do their best, this seems to be a crucial time for growth and I shall observe as much as I can.

I hope that I will not be disappointed...

Entry 16.

It seems that the latest assignment has been posted. I must admit that the assignment seems to be an interesting one, Yamamoto-sensei has planned this out well.

I have spoken to Yoruichi-sama and have approval for my student. I am yet to contact her about it. I do hope that I have made a wise decision.

Only time will tell

Entry 15. New

My previous observation has been suspended. A new possibility has arrived and I shall test it. I do hope that Yoruichi-sama approves of this new development. The person, is very charismatic and has great potential. I do sense a lack of confidence? or something similar. This seems to be a private matter, therefore, it is not my concern.

There appears to be a ...notice of some sort by Yoruichi-sama. I do not understand what it is but, I will assist my sensei in any way that I can.